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More Free Therapy Less Free Football

Colorful minimalist pills inscribed with  More Free Therapy Less Free Football represents a successful social campaign on an institution-wide level. The campaign focused on promoting dialogue on the issue of mental health and the lack of availability of services offered to university students.


Originally in 2016, the campaign was carried out solo in a guerilla-marketing style over the campus, shouting colorful dissent against the university's prioritization of funds for 'free' athletic games vs. mental health services. 


Viewers interacted with the relevant message, sharing snaps that turned into whispers which grew into conversations then debates, for a step in the right direction. A funding increase for the Counseling Center was announced by the President of the University in 2018.


After the fact, related collaterals were created in remembrance and celebration. 

exhibited in _Muncie Makes Lab, _82nd Annual Ball State Juried Art Show. 2017

process _laser cutting_book making_vinyl cutting+weeding+application x1000


_guerilla marketing_collage_print design