Back in My Day

Print Collage of American History & American Advertising Ephemera 

A critique on the all too common phrase, "Back in my day..."  Looking upon the past with ONLY rose-colored glasses only leads to a person wanting for MORE in the present. Technological improvements and cultural changes as a result of globalization are natural symptoms of time passing. We ought not to forget that.

This work serves as a reminder or warning of the effects of toxic patriotism along with the United States' history of continued global ignorance. After all, propaganda fuels patriotism in times of crisis. Pay attention, things were not better in the past, it has passed.

Details: (16 in X 21 in), inkjet print, enhanced matte paper

Process _research _digtial scanning _bridge _photoshop _large format printing

Tags  #adaptability #art direction #analytical thought #empathy #organization