More Free Therapy Less Free Football

Social Campaign for Mental Wellness

Colorful vinyl stickers posted on an American University campus resulted in an effective institution-wide change in 2017. The self-started campaign focused on the promotion of dialogue on issues of mental health, specifically a lack of resources provided to students by their universities.


Originally unaccompanied on nights of frenzied guerilla-marketing, I rode my longboard to speed up installation time. Quickly, a symbolic protest emerged against the clearly prioritized student-funded 'free' athletic games, late-nite events, and general entertainment vs. properly funded, quality staffed therapy services for student's mental well-being.

Audiences interacted with the relevant message, sharing pictures turned into whispers which grew into conversations then moved into debates. An increase in funding for the Counseling Center was announced by the President of the University in 2018. A step in the right direction.

If you would like to spread this message, I have listed below the file needed for YOU to shout a multi-colored (or monochromatic!) message of dissent against >THE MAN.

Location: Ball State University Muncie, IN United States

Details: inkjet prints, archival-quality matte paper

Process_vinyl cut installation _illustrator_inDesign _lasercutting _book binding _collage

Tags  #art direction #branding #empathy #guerilla marketing  #personal development #organization